Hosted VoIP – Telephony

We have experience with several providers of traditional, on premise phone systems and, because of its advantages, now focus solely on hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP uses your internet connection for calls to and from all other telephony systems. It eliminates the need for an expensive and complicated phone system (PBX) at your facility. The only equipment are the actual phone handsets – and they are optional.

Since its hosted, even if you experience and interruption in power or internet at your office, the phone system continues to work.

The 8×8 Communications Cloud™ combines unified communications, team collaboration interoperability, contact center and real-time analytics in a single open platform that integrates across clouds, applications and devices, eliminating information silos to expose vital, real-time intelligence.

8×8 easily and seamlessly connects employees, customers and applications to improve business performance for enterprises across the globe. Results-driven companies rely on the 8×8 Communications Cloud to reduce complexity and cost, improve individual and team productivity and performance, and enhance the overall customer experience.